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I offer overall health reviews to help you understand your symptoms, decipher the myriad of tests you may have undergone, and help you find your way through what may be conflicting advice.

I will explain your condition and treatment options to you clearly, so that you understand what is happening with your body and feel empowered to make the best choices for you.


Chronic fatigue and chronic pain remain stigmatised and misunderstood. Some sufferers experience negative judgements from health professionals, and little support in overcoming these symptoms.


By working in depth with you to understand your symptoms and identify patterns in the fatigue, we can create plans that will gradually lift you out of fatigue, and restore you to a fulfilling life. We will also use simple mind body techniques that can diminish the experience of pain, and bring more quality to daily life


I offer individual online counselling via Zoom to support adults and adolescents in overcoming obstacles in life, having better relationships, adapting to changes in life circumstances and responding powerfully to stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, unexplained symptoms and chronic illnesses.


Complex medical problems can be overwhelming, bewildering and isolating. The extent of the illness and treatments or medical interventions may seem to take over your life, with family and friends having difficulty understanding and coping. It might be difficult to find your own way of dealing with it, and for finding time and space to live a fulfilled life.


I help you find clarity as to what are priorities for you. I empower you to live with these difficult circumstances so that you no longer feel at the effect of them. 


 I use cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness and HeartMath techniques. Through these techniques you can defuse  stress, low mood or anxiety in the moment, identify anxiety provoking or negative thought patterns and beliefs, and replace them with constructive and empowering beliefs.


I provide you with tools to help you powerfully manage your moods and stress in the future, and gain emotional intelligence. I use ontology to get to the source of your issue, resolve it, and reduce the expression of that fear or low mood in the future.


Too many of us will experience having cancer, and have to learn to cope with life altering surgery, treatments or both.

I have experienced cancer as a specialist health professional and a patient. I will help you adjust to the medical treatments, find healthy ways to live, and support you to stay connected with the people and aspects of life that are most important to you.

This could be the reason you thrive for the rest of your life.


Many of us still find it difficult to heal from loss of babies and the unborn. Families find it difficult to talk about and many women are left mourning alone. I know how it feels to lose an unborn child, and go through the ups and downs of IVF.

I will give you space to allow your tenderness for that little being to become something that opens you  to the beauty of life, rather than be closed down by the pain. I will allow you to grieve for the hopes and dreams that you have had to put aside, and create powerful dreams for the future.


I had Long COVID for nearly eight months in 2020, and have direct experience of its challenges as well as knowledge of how to get better. COVID-19 symptoms appear to be strongly triggered by exertion, stress, anxiety, grief and trauma, and we can do work to minimise those effects as well as heal and resolve them.


Speaking from my first-hand experience, it is also important to learn how to adapt your pace in life so that youcan prevent relapses and keep improving steadily in a sustainable way, as well as taking supplements and remedies that can support you back to health. 


We do not know what an amazing hormone oestrogen is until we lose it. Adapting to so many changes all at once, whilst having to navigate the ongoing challenges of life can seem impossible. Many women develop depression compounded by difficulty sleeping and changes in their relationships.


I will help you find your way. With a mixture of practical support and empathy, you can adapt to menopause powerfully, and regain your confidence and vitality.


Being a carer brings unique challenges, and tends to be an isolating experience. As a carer, you may be finding it difficult to to ask for help or to create space for yourself when your loved one has such obvious, significant and constant needs.


Yet it is essential that you find your own safe space to express your stresses and frustrations, without guilt. You too have your own needs to be taken care of, so that you can maintain the feelings of joy and intimacy in a sustainable way, while sharing life with someone, who is vulnerable. 

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